How To Create Exercise Routines When Working From Home

Are you one of the millions of employees who found themselves making a shift to remote work during the pandemic? You've probably already passed the honeymoon phase. What started as a breath of fresh air and increased motivation may have quickly turned to unhealthy habits being formed. Just know you are not alone. 

Worky began out of this reality of remote work not always being simple. We created our portable workstations to help increase organization, maximize productivity, reduce stress and in turn, help one have a healthier quality of life. 

We’re fans of mobility. Mobility of work environments and mobility to maximize one’s health. Knowing that a work-life balance also considers taking care of you, we offer the following tips to help find ways to introduce healthier fitness habits into your work-from-home world.  

All you need is 20 minutes

The beautiful thing about working from home is you can find ways to sneak in that quick workout. Gone are the days of driving to the gym after a long shift at the office, finding a parking spot, getting access to the machines you want, and driving home. Simply grab that yoga mat, throw on some comfy clothes, and get out your laptop. 

If you can find time to watch one of your favorite series, you can get in a great workout. Start small and try to create consistency. 

Take advantage of Youtube

Working out from home doesn't need to be so nebulous. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can get fit. The barrier of entry for quality workouts is almost non-existent. Youtube creators around the globe have provided you with everything needed to stay healthy from the comfort of your living room.

Try searching for the time you have available and the phrase “HIIT”. For example, “20-minute HIIT”. You'll quickly find pages of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes from fantastic instructors, both professionals, and enthusiasts. These classes will be quick and efficient. The majority of these workouts don't even require any equipment. 

You'll be back to your day before you know it and feeling better than ever. 

Small progress

With no judgment from others in the gym, you'll have a safe space to develop your routine. It's okay if you can only get through 15 minutes for the first week. Keep at it and try and add on a few minutes every few sessions. Before you know it you'll be crushing a 45-minute class during your lunch hour. 


Don't let the limitations of your space and equipment stop you from building healthy workout routines. With the power of the internet, all you need is a few minutes and your body to get into the best shape of your life.