5 Tips for Working On The Go

Whether work means your career or studies, one’s desk is no longer a fixed location but any location with WIFI and a flat surface.  While the flexibility of working on-the-go has helped many feel more in control of their days, on-the-go stirs new challenges that can zap one’s productivity and sanity.

The following tips will help maximize your remote work productivity and minimize challenges.

Have Backup WIFI

Your favorite coffee shop, the Airbnb that promoted its high-speed service, guaranteed internet connection isn’t always a guarantee. Backup WIFI not only helps keep you connected but can also keep you safe when using public networks. Solutions range from tethering to your smartphone to a pay-as-you-go hotspot.

Keep Portable Chargers

It’s happened to all of us. The dreaded laptop low battery warning during a videoconference to the red 3% while on a call, disconnected from a traditional workspace can lead ones to forget to connect their devices. Consider investing in a power brick, cell charger or just extra cords to keep you working at 100%.

Maintain A Schedule

Alternate work routines can lead to a disruption in work-life balance. The very appeal of defining one’s workspace can also lead one to forget to disconnect.  Consider using time-tracking apps that help you define and stick to a schedule. These apps can also offer useful information like your most productive hours and reminders to take a break.

Get A Second Phone Number

You’re mid-call with a prospect or conferenced into a study session and “beep”, Mom is FaceTiming repeatedly to share how cat can now play fetch. Having a separate number helps one manage the work-life demands by powering down on personal calls when focus is key. A second number doesn’t necessarily mean a second phone or SIM card. Solutions can be a VoIP service such as Google Voice or Skype. 

Maximize Your Work Bag

Opening one’s bag to discover must-have items are missing is a stressful sting to productivity. A bag that narrows down your actual essentials and offers organization is a great way to quickly set up with everything in reach. Imagine a mobile workspace with features that include an LED video conference light (USB Powered), dry erase whiteboard, tablet and phone stands, storage, shoulder strap, and more…that’s only 2.8 lbs. and fits up to most 15.6" laptops. The Office Everywhere ($99.99) does just that and makes any space a functional workspace by bringing together all the elements of a productive desk setup in one convenient, mobile solution. Learn more about how Office Everywhere’s 12 amazing features can maximize your on-the-go productivity by visiting