5 Hybrid and Remote Work Arrangements Best Practices

There's no denying that a healthy work environment is a top concern for most employees.  Review any employee satisfaction survey and you're apt to find this issue among the top five concerns of your staff ' sometimes above the issue of pay.

So how do you know if your organization provides a safe, healthy environment for employees?  Well, there are some signs to look for.

1. Employees laugh often.

Generally, humor is a sign of comfort.  Employees that feel comfortable with co-workers and have joy in their work will exhibit laughter throughout the day.

2. Employees freely share their ideas.

Does management truly have an open-door policy? Employees need a safe environment to share their ideas.  Most employees have an opinion about how to make things better. Lack of unsolicited feedback from staff may indicate that they do not feel safe in presenting their opinions.

3. Employee values and expectations are clear.

Staff must know what is expected from them.  Codes of conduct, expectations of behavior on the job, and professional values must be included in each job description, and reviewed at each performance evaluation.

4. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

Frivolous demands and activities can add stress to an already busy schedule.  You'd be surprised how many non-essential duties staff are commonly asked to perform. Be mindful of requests that ask multiple staff members to explore the same data or create workflows that impede another’s ability to work efficiently.

5. Enable Work Freedom

The ability to work remotely or within a hybrid-model allows staff to define their best workspace. One may like to head outdoors while another may work away from home at new destinations. Helping staff maximize these freedoms signals an embracing of this new work norm. Worky The Home Office is the only truly portable, complete workstation, that offers 15 of the most commonly used remote performance accessories. This innovative solution helps staff enjoy the lifestyle benefits of remote work and helps reduce stress with organization and easy-access functionality. 

Activating these best practices will go far in creating an optimum remote environment. To learn more about how Worky The Home Office can play a role, visit