Gadget Roundup

5 Gadgets That Fuel Productivity for Work and Life

Many aspects of work impact productivity. While to-do lists, taking breaks and healthy sleep habits are things one can do on their own, some gadgets help simplify common tasks to maximize one’s time. 

Wireless Stick

These reinvented flash drives allow one to share and access files wirelessly from any device. They also work for streaming music, freeing up phone or tablet memory and more. 

Posture alerts

Sitting for extended periods of time can impact your health. These smart devices help by attaching to your upper back and sending alerts to coach for a healthier sitting style. From slouching to the length of time spent sitting – set goals and trigger phone alerts to help your sitting style,

Site and App Blockers

We are all guilty of taking a moment to check a site or app status to discover far more time has passed. These lockdown devices help block distracting websites and apps. Some also offer visual cues for coworkers and family members by indicating that you are busy and should not be disturbed.


These USB devices help provide safe and easy internet browsing anywhere in the world. In addition, VPNs are affordable and easy to use for traveling or remote work. They even work in censorship-heavy countries.

Portable/Storable Workstation

Worky is the first-ever portable workstation that closes into a carrying case. It instantly sets up with 15 key elements of a productive desk: built-in power and device charging, built-in video conference light, paperwork storage, magnetic dry erase, and more. For hybrid work life or the need to shift from room to room at home, the ease and organization helps maximize time and productivity.  

By managing one’s time and selecting productivity-fueling accessories, focus can improve and work life can become far more convenient.

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